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Gone are the days of stale and boring - and extremely elementary looking "A+++" - tutoring companies. When the client approached us, they wanted to embody a more modern and personalized service to set themselves apart from every other tutoring company. Our answer, instead of targeting parents to nearly force their kids into tutoring, we decided to create a brand that attracts the students themselves, flipping the norm, leading them to sell their parents on tutoring.

Can tutoring be cool?

We looked at brand naming development and brand identity building like more of a skate brand rather than a tutoring company. This flowed down throughout the visual identity using bold lines and graphics to stand out from the countless other tutoring companies. This was the first goal to attracting students as their primary target market. Then, the development and copy within the website targeted and sold the client's techniques, approach, and expertise in the industry to the parents to increase conversions.