Engineered by DAMON

Capturing the clean aesthetic of the startup and paralleling the online presence to the products being offered.

Creative direction / web design / BRANDING

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Engineered by DAMON explores “the field of high quality, bespoke limited run projects in collaboration with other companies” within the automobile industry. The company has plans to create stand-alone ventures in the near future to develop beyond that which stands on four wheels.

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Founded by Damon Jones, “with the vision to support, grow, and develop companies utilizing our vast expertise and experience in the [automobile] industry,” Engineered by DAMON challenged us to adapt to a very specific brand guideline in order to retain the true identity of the company and its offerings, while allowing us to flex our own design expertise.


"Everything before this was a dress rehearsal! It’s time to shake up the industry…."

- Damon Jones

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