Dr. Jason Champagne, M.D.

A site exhibiting expert facial cosmetic surgery and a premier destination.

Creative direction / web design / SEO / Content


Double Board Certified in Facial Plastic, Reconstructive, and Head and Neck Surgery, Dr. Champagne is a member of an elite group of surgeons who possess the knowledge and prowess necessary to perform meticulous facial cosmetic surgery and achieve natural-appearing results.

Our aim was to extend his superior surgical expertise through his online presence and his ability to cater to clients all around the world.


In order to capture his top-quality facial surgery and hair restoration expertise, as well as showcasing the upper-class locale of his office in Beverly Hills, we shaped Dr. Champagne's brand identity by focusing on colors, deliverable content, and user experiences. Promoting comprehensive information and resources helped generate client leads in an already apprehensive market. 

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Hair Restoration




"What can I say...he COMPLETELY changed my opinion on the plastic surgery industry. He is absolutely the best!" -J.L.